cherry blossoms in a pail


Fresh flowers always look amazing, especially when they are a gift. Keeping them looking as lovely as they did the first day you received them however is a bit harder. Follow these 6 tips to keep your fresh flowers around for as long as possible.

1. Remove all the leaves on the flowers that will be covered with water

2. Change out the water every single day. This not only looks nicer but fresher water equals happier flowers.

3. Trim ¼ – ½ inch of the stem regularly. The flower will be able to absorb the water much easier this way.

4. Keep the flowers away from curious kids, pets and any location that could create a flower hazard – such as direct hot sunlight.

5. Use a flower preservative. Most flowers come with a packet that is attached to the bouquet.

6. Remove wilted flowers when you see them.

Follow these steps and you will have much happier, brighter flowers that last longer!