vinegar in a glass bottle


When talking vinegar, we always conjure up the image of mom’s famous salad dressing or adding a “tang” to some yummy marinade.   I’m sure for most of you, vinegar has gone hand in hand with food and being a staple in the kitchen.  Did you know though, that vinegar might just be the most useful item in your pantry?  Keep reading to find out why vinegar may be your new best friend!

  1. Kills common weeds – Stop weeds in their unsightly tracks by spray straight, undiluted vinegar directly onto the weed. I love using this method especially in my driveway.
  1. Removes Scum – Use straight undiluted vinegar and a sponge and the vinegar will quickly and easily remove the buildup on bathroom tile or a shower door.  This is great, especially if you don’t want to use harsh chemicals.
  1. Keep bright clothes from bleeding – I hate it when my dark jeans bleed onto other articles of clothing.  By soaking bright pieces of clothing in a full strength tub of vinegar, for 10 minutes, you can get rid of that irritating color run and keep items looking fresh and new.
  1. Clean brass, copper and pewter – Bed knobs beware! Shine these metals up in no time by dissolving 1 tsp of salt in a cup of distilled vinegar and polish with a soft cloth.
  1. Use as a hair rinse – This may sound a bit crazy but  you can get rid of build up from shampoo and other hair products by rinsing your hair with a simple solution of vinegar and water.  Vinegar smooths the cuticle and leaves your hair silky and shiny!
  1. Clean your glass fireplace screen – You can make that dingy, soot-laden glass door look like new by using a 1:1 water, vinegar ratio.  Simply put the mixture in a bowl and with a sponge or rag, wipe the door clean.  Vinegar is great for cleaning glass in general, without leaving those pesky streaks.

Vinegar is pretty awesome!  Give one of these tips a try or do a little web searching on other genius uses for vinegar!