cast iron skillet with meat


Cast iron has acquired a pretty bad wrap.  I hear people talk about cast iron like it’s their arch nemesis.  Folks are unsure how to clean them or aren’t sure if they should clean them at all.  The “seasoning process” also throws people for a loop.  Worry no more!! Below I’ve listed all the “Dos” and “Don’ts” of cast iron.

 Season a brand new cast iron skillet before using – Watch video

Use the cast iron piece as often as you can.  With every use, you add more and more seasoning. So, saute, sear and fry to your little hearts content!

Use a mild soap with warm water to clean your cast iron.  With the gentle kinds of soap that we use today, it would take a lot more than that to strip the seasoning off the pan.

Don’t use a hard abrasive scouring pad (like steel wool) on your cast iron.  This IS powerful enough to strip off prior seasoning.

Use salt and warm water on any charred-on chunks of food.  Simply put salt on the area of the pan, fill with warm water and put on the stove on high heat for a couple minutes.  Once charred bit softens, it will be super easy to remove.

Don’t leave water in a cast iron pan.  If water is left for any period of time, it runs the risk of rusting.

Dry the pan thoroughly after every cleaning.

Prime the cast iron pan after drying.  You do this by adding a very thin layer of oil (use an unsaturated oil like canola or vegetable) and buff the pan until the bottom no long looks greasy.  Than place the pan on high heat on the stove for a few minutes to lock in oil.

That is all there is to it.  With practice comes perfection so don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and push through those cast iron boundaries!