When a cleaning service’s rates are too low, that should throw up a red flag. For example, with prices like that, how can they afford to be insured? If you’ve never asked your cleaning services whether they are insured or not, you are going to want to do so after reading this article.

Reason 1: We Live in a Litigious World

Have you ever considered what would happen if your cleaning person was injured while taking care of your home? Sadly, being on a first name basis with your cleaning person may not be enough to keep you from facing a lawsuit. Will your homeowner’s insurance cover the injury? This doesn’t even begin to take into account things such as a harassment claim or a wrongful termination suit should you ever choose to change cleaning persons.

The fact is that hiring a professional company takes the convenience of having your home cleaned by someone else and removes the risk of legal proceedings that would be anything but convenient (or cheap, for that matter). When the service is insured, you know that the person coming into your home is covered. Cleaning is about trust. After all, why would you let someone whom you don’t trust come into your home in the first place?

Reason 2: Personal and Property Damage

If you slip someone cash to come to your home and clean on occasion, they are most likely uninsured. They are also not likely to be making enough money to replace anything in the home that may accidentally get damaged. Even if they have insurance, they may have a deductible that is so high that your item would still never get replaced. This doesn’t even take into account personal harm to you or another family member.

A reputable and insured cleaning service is covered whether they spill a cleaning product on your brand new iPad or your mother-in-law slips on their mop water. So before you hire a cleaning service, always ask if they are insured. If you do not know the insurance status of your present cleaning services, ask now before they come to your home again.