In your home, there is probably no place more comfortable than your bedroom. The problem is that we can often become too comfortable. Before you know it, your bedroom goes from being the most relaxed place in your home to the messiest. This type of situation is sadly a common occurrence for people, and bad habits are often responsible. S&G Cleaning can help keep your room the safe haven you need. Find out how to keep your room clean.

Dishes Go in the Sink

It’s common to eat dinner or a snack in your room. This is fine but the biggest problem is what you do after you are done eating food. Often, plates are left sitting in the room for days on end. Leftover food residue and crumbs will attract bugs. As you can imagine, this can leave your room rather unsanitary.

There are two ways to avoid this situation and the first is rather full proof. If you want to absolutely avoid bugs and crumbs in your room, avoid eating in there altogether. The other way to keep your room cleaner is to immediately put your dishes in the sink after you finish eating. You should also wash these dishes to avoid having bugs collect in the kitchen.

Declutter Your Desk

Many people work from their desk at home. Sometimes, we get lost in what we do that we forget to clean up after ourselves. An unkempt desk can add to how messy your room looks. If you want to keep your room clean, you should clear that desk every once in a while. Clutter is not a good thing. In fact, you should get rid of all the clutter in your home.

Pick Up After Yourself

Let’s say you come home after a hard day’s work. You’re tired, your sleepy, and sometimes you just don’t want to be bothered with anything. What is the first thing you do? Well, we can take a guess. You probably take your clothes off and throw them anywhere in your room.

It’s ok, we forgive you. Just remember to collect clothes from off of the bed, chairs, floor, or anywhere else and put them in the laundry basket as soon as you can. Don’t let clothes linger in your room. After you clean those clothes, fold them and put them away.

Garbage Will Not Leave Your Room Clean

We don’t recommend having a garbage in your bedroom. While they are convenient, people tend to let them overflow and prolong throwing the trash out. Even worse, some people leave trash lying around everywhere. Don’t be like those people. Collect trash wherever you find it and empty your trash can every other day. You’ll avoid unwanted smells, as well as attracting bugs to your room.

Other Tips to Clean Your Bedroom

A few other things you’ll want to do to keep your room clean is dust off cabinets, vacuum the floor, and organize your closet. It is also wise to find a place for everything to go. This will make putting everything away so much easier. You can also call us at S&G Cleaning. Our Deep Cleaning services will not only have your room smelling fresh but the whole house clean.