Yes it is cold outside and we here at S& G Cleaning Services want all of you to stay warm and not get frostbite. So just a few tips from the Mayo Clinic if you plan on venturing outside:

· Limit time you’re outdoors in cold, wet or windy weather. Pay attention to weather forecasts and wind chill readings.

· Dress in several layers of loose, warm clothing rather than a single layer. Air trapped between the layers of clothing acts as insulation against the cold. Wear windproof and waterproof outer garments to protect against wind, snow and rain.

· Wear a hat that fully covers your ears. Heavy woolen or windproof materials make the best headwear for cold protection.

· Wear mittens rather than gloves, which provide better protection. (This is one tip I tried and it worked!)

· Watch for signals of frostbite. Early signs of frostbite include redness, prickling and numbness, especially in your fingers and toes.

· Plan to protect yourself. When traveling in cold weather, carry emergency supplies and warm clothing in case you become stranded.

· Don’t drink alcohol if you plan to be outdoors in cold weather. Alcoholic beverages cause your body to lose heat faster. Eating well-balanced meals and drinking warm, sweet drinks, such as hot chocolate, will help you stay warmer.

And don’t forget to keep your pets indoors as well. Even the hardiest breeds can freeze to death in frigid conditions and wind chills below zero. Pets are part of the family too.

Stay warm today!