Between the kids making your walls their personal canvas and the mystery scuff marks making an appearance every week, your home can’t seem to catch a break. The good news is that we have a solution. It is time to learn the proper techniques for cleaning painted walls and how to make your home look brand new.

Step #1: Prep Your Home

Remove paintings, mirrors, and other decorations from your walls. You should not clean around them. This will only lead to damaged items that can potentially be damaged by water. Another thing to remember is to prep your floors. Putting down a drop cloth will prevent your floors from getting wet and you from slipping.

Step #2: Dust Your Walls

Believe it or not, walls get dusty too. You are going to want to dust them off before washing them. Here’s how you can do it. First, wrap a towel around the head of your broom. With this, you can wipe the walls from the top down. If you have a vacuum with a brush attachment, we suggest you use this clean up those nasty baseboards.

Step #3: Cleaning Painted Walls With the Right Materials

When it comes down to washing those smudges and crayon marks, you are going to want to use either a lint-free washcloth or undyed sponge. With these materials, you can prevent marking your walls with any more stains.

Rinse your cloth or sponge with clean, warm water and remember to wring it out. You don’t want to get your walls too wet, just enough to erase those marks or stains. You are going to start wiping down the walls with your cloth or sponge. If this doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, then add some dish detergent or homemade solution clean your walls. A popular solution includes mixing together dish detergent, white vinegar, and baking soda.