Are certain areas of the house left out of your cleaning routine?

Most of our weekly cleaning routines include taking care of the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom. Seems like everything is in order, right? Well, you would be surprised by what areas are often forgotten when it is time to clean. Find out which unexpected places you should never forget to tidy up.

Cleaning the Sink

The sink is the one that usually does the cleaning for you. It might be why we don’t think too much about wiping it down. You should know that it is important to clean the sink every once and awhile. Bacteria can build up from leftover plates and food. In fact, some studies suggest that the toilet is cleaner than the kitchen sink. Gross! Clean with a bleach and water solution once a day to prevent the transfer of germs and illness.

Wiping Down Doorknobs

Our hands touch everything. It is the most common reason germs transfer so quickly from one place to another. As we move from one room to the other, we are constantly turning doorknobs to open doors. The germs we carry from outside end up on our door and doorknobs. Remember to not only wash your hands often but use disinfectant to wipe down any doorknobs and handles.

Pet Items

Some pets are messy and hairy. Most often, their mouths touch everything that they own, which means that their bowls and toys are covered in saliva and dirt. Just like your own stuff, you have thoroughly wash everything that your pet owns. Throw toys, blankets, bowls and other pet items into the washing machine at least once a week. This will take care of any bacteria or bugs that they attract.

Hiring a Cleaning Service

At S&G Cleaning Services, we handle all of these needs. We focus on cleaning every nook and cranny in your home. If you need professional cleaning service to get the job done, contact us and schedule and appointment today.