Houses emit all sorts of smells. Whether it is something in the air, an odor that is inhabiting a fabric, or a waste receptacle, we are going to give you some tips on how to eliminate those unwanted scents with things you probably already have in the house. Let’s start with a cleanser for airborne odors.

Clearing the Air

Perhaps your focus area is the bathroom, a musty basement, or even the room where the cat’s litter box is stored. Here is a recipe to make your own odor defense system. For this formula, you will need to have a spray bottle for dispensing.

The basic idea is to have two parts water to one part rubbing alcohol. For example, if you are using half a cup of water, add one-quarter cup of rubbing alcohol. For this six ounce blend, add five drops of two different essential oils: lemon and clove.

Be sure to shake up the mixture before spraying. A room should only need two to three sprays to get rid of any odors.

Freshen Up Your Fabrics

This is a great spray if you have a chair or sofa that has taken on a smell. It will also work on a pair of stinky shoes. Once again, you will want to have a small spray bottle in which to mix the ingredients. The same water to rubbing alcohol as the above recipe acts as the base. This time, for every six ounces, you will want to add four drops of tea tree oil and two drops of a citrus essential oil (lemon and lime are our favorites).

This is a fast drying solution that masks odors quickly. For fabrics such as a sofa or curtains, you may want to do a color test somewhere inconspicuous before generous application.

Blow Away Bin Smells

If the garbage or diaper bin is holding onto smells, this is a great way to fight back. You will need an ice cube tray. Preferably, one that makes large cubes so that they will last longer.

Combine one-half cup of baking soda with one-third of a cup of Epsom salts. Combine that mixture with about two ounces of water and 10 drops of the essential oil of your choice. Place the resulting paste in the ice cube tray (don’t fill too high as the mixture will expand). Dry the mixture overnight or place it out in the sun to speed up the process.

You can store the scented cubes in an airtight container. As needed, drop one in the bottom of the stinky bin. I bet you never knew how easy eliminating odors is.