There are certain little extras that can turn an already lovely home into a place where guests are simply wowed. Vacuuming properly will take a carpeted room to the next level of attractiveness. For example, have you ever wondered how to get those vacuum lines just right? Read on to get the tips you need from a professional cleaning service on how a perfectly vacuumed house is achieved.

Edge First

You want to be sure to get all of the dirt from the corners and edges of the room first. Your vacuum should have a crevice attachment, and this is the right tool for room edges. Start here so that you do not have to walk back over your work after vacuuming.

Begin in the Correct Corner

You want to start in the corner that is opposite the door. That way you will end up at the room’s exit as you finish vacuuming, and you will not have to pull the wheels through your nice lines. It also means that you should end by vacuuming vertically. In other words, from the far wall to the door.

Vacuum Two Ways for Effectiveness

Start out by vacuuming horizontally, or side to side as opposed to the door. Then you can vacuum in the other direction to leave the proper vacuum lines. The benefit of vacuuming two ways is that it allows you to lift the maximum amount of dirt from the carpet fibers. This is especially important if you have household pets as dander will cling to the carpet. Vacuuming one way may only loosen the dirt while vacuuming in a perpendicular direction is what finally pulls up the grit.

Freshen Things Up

You do not want your carpet to simply look beautiful. It should smell amazing as well. Sometimes that means using a carpet freshener. While it may be tempting to make your own freshener using baking soda, the powder can penetrate further into the carpet than the average vacuum can get to. It may also wreak havoc on vacuum filters. There are plenty of eco-friendly fresheners on the market if you are worried about artificial fragrances.