It can be tough to keep a household clean and clutter free when there are kids running about. Here are some house clutter tips to get the whole family organized. This is especially important during the school year. Consider the following suggestions.

Set Up a Base of Operations for Yourself

Somewhere in your home, find space to have a calendar, an organizer, and a few folders. Wall calendars are great because they don’t take up much space and allow you to put your command center almost anywhere. The organizer can hold pens, pencils, and your folders. Use a folder for any school paperwork that you need to keep track of. You can use the others for bills, invitations, or anything else that you need to keep track of on a monthly basis. This keeps paperwork from ending up all over the house.

Organize the Refrigerator

You can see our article on cleaning and organizing the fridge for tips on how to do it. Having the fridge clean and orderly saves a lot of time when it comes to making meals, and it saves money when you can see what you have, so nothing goes bad.

Set Up a Workstation for the Kids

School can pile up and take over every counter top in the house. You can pick up a simple caddy at just about any general store and use it for supplies. Just put some mason jars in the caddy to act as holders for pens, pencils, markers, glue sticks, and anything else that the kids will need. For older kids, you may need room in the caddy for whiteout, a calculator, protractors, and the like.

Tackle the Closets

This can be daunting, but a few simple principles can help you to create well-organized closets.

Organize by age – Younger children who dress themselves need clothes hanging lower. You can use higher shelves and bins for things that you help them with or for toys that they need permission to use.
Use storage bins that have no lids – this makes it easier to see what is in each bin. It also removes the temptation to stockpile stuff and stack the bins.
Sell, consign, or donate clothes that your kids outgrow – This will make it easier to see what is actually available for your kids to wear.

That should keep the house clutter free. Now you just need to get the kids to put away their toys before bed at night, and your family should be well-organized!