Pets are magnificent creatures. They are easy to love and reciprocate all the care and affection you show them. It’s rather unfortunate that they are such messy rascals. Between all of the pet hair and their dirty paws, they can have your house looking like a junkyard in no time. It is important for pet owners to know how to clean after their lovable little friend. We can show you a few tips to clean after your pet and prevent your home from becoming a disaster.


Prevention Tips for Pet Owners

The easiest way to keep a clean home when living with a pet is to prevent them from making too much of a mess in the first place. What prevention really means is cleaning up smaller messes rather a huge one. Here are the best ways to help you stop the problem before it gets worse.

Grooming – Whether they are cats or dogs, most pets shed a significant amount of hair. Once it gets everywhere, it can be a bit of a chore to clean up. The best way to avoid too much hair on the floors and carpets is to groom your pet regularly.
Pet-Safe Furniture – Your pets are going to be with you for a very long time. As such, this will affect the way you live your life. To make things easier on yourself, consider buying furniture with synthetic fibers (microfiber/Ultrasuede) or semi-aniline leathers. These are simple to clean and don’t attract much hair.
Preventing Scratches – Long nails can do damage to your home. When pets want something, they will often scratch certain places to get your attention. The best way of dealing with this is by clipping their nails often. Another way to rectify this situation is to train them to signal you in another way.


Cleaning After Your Pet

When the prevention methods aren’t enough, it is time to do the hard job. We are going to go through several tips for cleaning up after your pet. Keep in mind that you should do the following frequently to avoid the buildup of pet hair and dirt.

Vacuum – Using a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter every few days will prevent your floors from having tumbleweeds made of pet hair. This works better on carpets and if the vacuum has an upholstery tool, use it to clean the hair on furniture.
Lint Roller – Pet hair often flies into the air and is attracted to fabric. This means that it can get on more than just your furniture. Your clothes are at risk as well. A lint roller is a perfect tool to grab hair off of clothing and any extra that you find on your couch.
Make Quick Work of Stains – While we hope your pet isn’t peeing on carpets or furniture. However, every once and a while they may go through “Marking their Territory” phase. When they do have accidents, take care of it fast. Using a cloth try to absorb as much of the pee as you can from the affected area. Next, apply a mix of dishwashing liquid and water, then use a damp towel to clean the area. Keep cleaning the area until the stain is gone.

If you stay on top of the cleaning in your home, you and your pet can live a happy life. Also, if you need a day off from the cleaning, call us at S&G Cleaning. We are the professionally trained cleaning service that can get the job done for pet owners.