We spend a third of our life in bed, but it is one of the least cleaned items in a home. Often this is because homeowners are not sure how to properly care for a mattress. Take it from a professional mattress cleaning service—this is an important skill to learn! And because mattresses are very expensive, proper care can extend the life of a mattress (besides just keeping it clean).


Mattress Care Tips

1. Mattress care is often something that will be handled “tomorrow,” but that is because most people do not realize how easy proper mattress care is. Consider the following tips:

2. Rotating a mattress every six months will help to keep its shape as long as possible. If you have a pillow-top mattress, then you will have to keep that side up and just rotate which side faces the headboard. Other mattresses can also be flipped.

3. Spend a little extra on your mattress protector. High-quality mattress pads are waterproof and ensure that spills and stains do not affect the mattress itself. Be sure to launder your mattress protector regularly.

4. The fastest way to clean your mattress is with your vacuum. The crevice attachment is perfect for getting every corner of your mattress clean. This is a fast fix for dust, dirt, and even dust mites that are close to the surface.

5. If your mattress does get stained, time is of the essence, so you can kick yourself for not getting a protector later. The first step is to soak up any liquid or remove solid debris. A little diluted dish shop can be used to blot the area where the spill occurred. Do not use too much water because you do not want to soak the foam inside the mattress. Tough stains may require an upholstery cleaner. A fan can help you to dry the mattress out before liquids can penetrate. Trust a professional mattress cleaning service that will ensure the longevity of your expensive mattress.