How do you shine up your hardwood floors?

Who doesn’t love newly shined hardwood floors? Well, aside from your dog when it’s trying to run somewhere. They’re sturdy. They’re easy to clean. And when cleaned properly, hardwood floors have a refined look to them that’s unmatched. They’re understated and can look great in a lot of different settings.

For many, however, getting that desired shine isn’t so easy. Depending on the room’s size, polishing hardwood floors can cost up to $900. And many people don’t like the chemicals used in a lot of the different floor cleaners available.

Obstacles like these are why people don’t shine their hardwood floors as often as they should. It doesn’t have to be such a challenge, though. Many homespun remedies are out there. And they have been known to work.

If you’re trying to find a cost-efficient, hassle free way to shine your floors, then look no further. Here are a few alternatives to help avoid the big price tag and chemicals from regular cleaners.

Alternatives for Shining Hardwood Floors

Lemon – This citrus is recommended in a lot of different ways. Lemon juice, lemon oil, lemon polish, lemon everything! Each one works well but in different ways. There’s a slipping hazard with lemon in general, so it’s important to mix properly. A thorough mopping is recommended before, too.
Vinegar – Mixing vinegar with water has been an effective floor cleaner for many people. Vinegar has natural antibacterial properties to it. This makes it harder for any harmful chemicals to accumulate on the floor’s surface.
Tea – All you have to do is boil a few bags of tea, let it cool, and then it’s ready to use. Because it’s high in acid, tea is able to get the dirt out of hard to reach areas. Also, it doesn’t have the potential to strip the floor’s finish if not diluted enough.

These everyday items have been known to work wonders on hardwood floors. Try them out if you are looking to clean your floors with less harmful chemicals in them.