How do you prepare for spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning is right around the corner. For some, that’s very exciting news. But for many people out there, it can be a daunting task. That is to be expected, though. When so much has to get done, it can get very overwhelming.

But similar to a hard workout, spring cleaning feels very rewarding after its completion. The rooms are squeaky clean, and the air smells fresher. In order to make it a little easier, we put together a list of tips. Hopefully, the task at hand is made simpler with them.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Organization is Key – Putting together a list will make the process feel more manageable. Highlight the biggest problem areas and put them at the top. Depending on how specific you want to get, you can even write down estimates for how long each job will take. Having a plan for each room will make the process a whole lot easier.
Declutter – Studies have shown that too much clutter causes stress. So, getting rid of any unnecessary items is basically meditation. Too much clutter will only make the cleaning process harder. If you have a bin of clothes that you don’t wear anymore, get rid of it. Everything will go a lot smoother without all that clutter around.
Obey the Top to Bottom Rule – For each room, you should start cleaning at the top and then work your way down. This means dusting cabinets should go before vacuuming the floor. Because if you vacuum first, the dust from the cabinets will go onto the carpet. Then you’ll have to vacuum all over again.
Make Your Cleaning Tools Portable – Instead of trying to clutch every cleaning supply you own with your bare hands, find a container that’s easy to hold. You can get a caddy just about anywhere. And if you want something more heavy-duty, then consider investing in a rolling cart.

Spring cleaning does not have to be difficult. Just take it one room at a time and you’ll be fine. Having the right mindset and strategy helps make the process a whole lot easier.