Let’s face it, doing laundry is often one of the chores that we hate the most around the house. It seems like the laundry basket is often full before we can even fold the previous load that was washed. Even though there is no ultimate secret for laundry woes, here are a few tips to help things go a little smoother.

Fill it, But Don’t Over Fill It.

You will want to do full loads of laundry to save on detergent, electric and water. However, overfilling the machine will put a lot of unnecessary stress on your machine. Having to do an extra load on occasion is a lot more advantageous than needing to replace the unit. Plus, your clothes will come out cleaner if the machine is not overloaded.

Use the Pour Line.

If you have extra dirty clothes, you may think the solution is to add more detergent. That is a bad idea and will just leave residue on your clothes. Simply use the recommended amount and pretreat any clothes with stains. This will save you money on detergent and will result in better-looking clothes.

The Benefits of Cold Water.

Some of your clothes, towels or linens may recommend washing in warm water, but that really is not necessary. Cold water will do the trick, and you will not have to worry about colors bleeding. That’s right, you can wash most colored and white items together just by switching to cold water. Just check certain specially dyed items from stores like American Eagle that say on the label to wash alone. As an added bonus, using cold water will save you money on your electric bill.

3 Step Program.

Treat doing laundry as a three step program. The laundry has to be washed, dried, and folded. If you don’t have time for all three steps, don’t start another load today. Sometimes you may need to do four loads over the course of four days, but that is better than having clean clothes pile up or get left in the dryer. All that does is create another chore…like ironing.