Pillows are an important bedding item that is not cleaned frequently enough in most households. Take it from a professional cleaning service on how to keep your pillows fresh and clean. After all, it’s silly to wash your face before bed only to lay your head on a filthy pillow.

Keeping Pillows Clean

Most people do not even realize that the majority of pillows are washing machine friendly. That makes it too easy to put off washing them. Both synthetic and feather pillows are safe to wash. Foam pillows need additional care, and the label should list the proper cleaning instructions. The main problem with foam pillows is heat, and many can be washed in cold water. When washing pillows, keep these tips in mind:

1. Wash pillows without the case on. You can wash the pillowcase separately when you take care of the bedsheets. Pillow protectors are also a great way to keep your pillow clean longer between washes. If you use a pillow protector, take that off as well when you wash the pillow.

2. Use the gentle cycle when washing pillows. It is a good idea to wash pillows in multiples of two to keep the washer balanced (for top load washers). Don’t overfill the washer though or your pillows will not get cleaned properly. If your machine has an option for an extra rinse, use that setting to get all of the detergent out of the pillows. If you do not have that setting, you may just need to run an extra rinse/spin cycle.

3. Most synthetic pillows can handle the low heat setting in your dryer. Feather pillows should just be air fluffed although you may be able to get away with low heat if your dryer does not have an air fluff setting. Foam pillows should be hung as the heat will melt the pillow. Take it from a professional cleaning service that follows all these steps to ensure the life of your linens.