cell phone on a wooden table


Most of us are relatively clean people. We take care of the usual items that need daily maintenance care, but there are still a few items that we just don’t think about cleaning and they could be playing host to dirt, grime and germs. Below is a list of a few of those items that are in need of a little attention.

1. Tooth brushes – Tooth brushes are an item that should be replaced every 3 months but you should also be giving your brush a little cleaning in between that time period. Mix equal parts of baking soda and water and let your tooth brush soak overnight. In the morning, give your tooth brush a good rinse and it will be germ and bacteria free!

2. Door knobs & dead bolts – This really goes for anything that comes into contact with hands. Put some rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth and wipe down knobs, doors and light switches

3. Cell phones – I have to admit, I hadn’t been doing this UNTIL I read an article about how dirty our phones are. Think about everywhere they travel with us…..pretty gross huh? With cell phones, you will want to make sure you use sanitizing wipes that are specifically designed for electronics. I found mine on Amazon.

4. Hair brush – Hair brushes hold onto a lot more than just hair. They pick up dead skin and oil from our heads and can get caught in the bristles of the brush. All you have to do to clean them is give them a good washing with a mild shampoo, rinse and then air dry. It’s a good idea to wash them once a month.

5. Ear buds – If you think about where ear buds go, you will no longer wonder why a good cleaning every month or so is a good idea. Dip a clean cloth in a small bowl of soap and warm water and wipe down the ear pieces and cord. You don’t ever want to soak your ear buds just wipe and let air dry.

6. Game controllers and Remotes – I technically could put these items in the same list as number 2. Remotes and controllers get passed around from 1 hand to the next and tend to never get sanitized. Use rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth and wipe down each gadget and let air dry. Remember to not overly saturate the cloth as you don’t want to give the remotes a bath.

7. Shower curtain – Shower curtains come in contact with water every day; making them ideal hosts for mold and bacteria. Once every month or two, throw your shower curtain in the washing machine and set on a gentle cycle. You will notice that this can keep damp smells at bay as well.