Storage space under stairs


If you are one of many “home space challenged “people, this article is for you! You know all too well that the struggle of finding space is real and that finding added storage gets down right tricky. Our homes sometimes feel a bit cluttered and well, super lived in. With moving off the table, I have found that I’m getting pretty good at creating space. Check out these 6, super cleaver, out of the way spaces that can help with any overly cramped household.

1. The backs of the inside of your cupboard doors
 – This is especially handy for items that you use a lot like measuring spoons or cups. Place small hooks on the inside of your cupboard door and hang whatever items you tend to use most. Just make sure to account for the shelving to make sure the doors will close smoothly.

2. Under bed bins or storage containers
 – Storage containers come in all shapes and sizes. They even make them for small spaces like beneath beds. I like to use them in my kid’s bedrooms to put shoes, stuffed animals and toys but they work in adult rooms as well.

3. Built-ins under a staircase – This suggestion is a bit spendy BUT it has been a life saver in my home! We have a lot of people in our home who love art and this new addition has been perfect for storing all of our supplies. I have seem others use them for books or even toys. The possibilities are endless!

4. Space above the toilet
 – Low on counter space in the bathroom? Try some cool shelving with baskets or bins to help keep bathroom items organized and put away.

5. Storage bench or unit at the end of your bed
 – This awesome ideas acts as a bench and storage unit all in one. Perfect for a bedroom that is a bit small.

6. Floating shelves on a free wall
 – Floating shelves not only look cool but they allow for better viewing of the items on the shelves. Use them for photos, knick knacks or whatever else you want to display.