clean modern living room


We all tend to hang onto knickknacks, scraps & bits of this and that. Sometimes the task of getting rid of these items can be overwhelming and even a bit anxiety provoking. Here’s where my 90 day challenge comes in. It’s pain-free and gets the de-cluttering job done in three months.

Start with item #1 on day 1. Throw out, donate, recycle or give away just that item(s). Then, on day #2, throw out, donate, recycle or give away item #2 and so on and so forth. Follow these steps for the next 90 days and by month 3 you will have systematically decluttered your entire house!

1. Worn out clothing

2. DVD’s you don’t use

3. Expired coupons

4. Old toiletries

5. Unused or wire hangers

6. Gifts you can’t use or don’t want

7. Clothes that don’t fit

8. Dried up nail polish

9. Old paper work

10. Pens that don’t work

11. Cables & wires you don’t use

12. Old shoes

13. Worn out sheets & bedding

14. Broken electronics

15. Old unused toys

16. Mismatched dishes

17. Old pillows

18. Wallets & Purses no long in use

19. Furniture manuals

20. Extra Tupperware

21. Old vases

22. Socks with holes

23. Magazines

24. CD’s

25. Extra photo prints

26. Old hair accessories

27. Little knickknacks

28. Kitchen utensils you don’t use

29. Unused dry goods

30. Old towels

31. Expired foods

32. Expired medications

33. Stained clothing items

34. Old prom dress or tuxedo

35. Broken jewelry

36. Extra buttons and snaps for mending

37. Boxes

38. Junk mail or old mail

39. Old art supplies

40. Cards and gifts from exes

41. Broken Christmas decorations

42. Old calendars

43. Magnets

44. Outdated clothing items

45. Old & outdated software

46. Old cell phones

47. Promotional T-shirts

48. Delete old unnecessary emails

49. Board games with missing pieces

50. Books you’ve already read

51. Old camping gear

52. Extra blankets & quilts

53. Old travel size shampoos and lotions

54. Old bathmats

55. Old bank statements (Shred)

56. Extra jackets

57. Puzzles you’ve already completed

58. Old planners

59. Old school books you don’t use

60. Electronic manuals you don’t need

61. Delete unwanted music from itunes

62. Old spices

63. Hand me downs that you won’t wear

64. Holiday lights that don’t work

65. Extra, unused coffee mugs

66. Old unused batteries

67. Extra pet food bowls and accessories

68. Old picture frames

69. Extra shopping bags

70. Old address labels for a different home

71. Unused frequent shopper cards

72. Extra bows and ribbon from old gift wrap that is worn out

73. Children’s artwork that is several years old

74. Unused stationery

75. Random glass containers and jars

76. Old travel brochures

77. Wedding favors that you don’t use

78. Old invitations

79. Old or unnecessary cookware for kids & adults

80. Old school photos of other people’s kids

81. Old cookbooks

82. Tools that you have duplicates of

83. Empty cleaning bottles

84. Unused work out equipment

85. Old school papers

86. Old stuffed animals

87. Unused candles and candle holders

88. Old make-up brushes

89. Extra luggage or bags

90. Old or unused sports equipment