dog laying on a rug


We all love our pets, but the pet hair can be a bit much sometimes, especially when multiple pets are living in the home. Try these 5 amazing tricks to help with the pesky, pet hair battle.

1. Fabric softener + vacuum = clean carpet – Mix 1 TBS of liquid fabric softener in a plastic spray bottle of water and lightly spray carpets that have coarse or stubborn pet hair in the fibers. Spray and let sit 10 minutes, then vacuum up the hair. This method is also a nice alternative to odor eliminator sprays!

2. Duct tape is my BFF – Everyone has a roll of duct tape laying around their house. Just pull off a strip and wind it around your hand making a circle. Adhere the ends together and use the sticky side to pick up pet hair on clothes, beds, floors or furniture.

3. Rubber gloves aren’t just for dishes – Slip one of the dry rubber gloves on and run the gloved hand over areas on your couch or chair. The hair balls right up for easy removal.

4. While we are in the kitchen, try a sponge – Grab a clean, dry sponge and wipe up pet hair on your couch or chair in a snap.

5. Dryer sheets – Dryer sheets can actually be used right on the back of your Poochie. The static cling of the dryer sheet helps to lift the pet hair right up. I have also used a dryer sheet on the end of a dust mop to remove fur off the floor.

The next time you are struggling with your pet’s hair, try one of this awesome tricks. You will be fur free in no time!