fire in a cozy fireplace


During the cooler months, I love having a fire in our wood burning fireplace. Before I start my first fire of the year, I make sure the fireplace is properly cleaned and ready. Below is a list of tools and steps to help you clean your wood burning fireplace and get ready for those cozy winter months. *Make sure you have your fireplace and chimney properly inspected on a routine schedule by a professional.

Tools You Will Need:

Rubber gloves & apron

Small shovel

Garbage bag

Dry brush

Dry Vac

Fireplace glass and hearth cleaner

Paper towels

Disposable tarp

Soft rag

Wet brush


Lay your disposable tarp down so it covers the area in which you are working. Make sure you have all your supplies ahead of time.

Put on your gloves and apron and remove any old charred pieces of wood left in the grate. Put these in the garbage bag. Brush the grate off and place it on the tarp.

With your small shovel, scoop out all of the left over ash and place in the garbage bag.

Using the dry brush, brush all three walls of the fireplace making sure to remove any excess build up.

Spray hearth cleaner on the walls and with a wet brush, scrub the walls from top to bottom removing any stuck on debris.

With your dry vac, vacuum up all the fine ash and soot around the bottom of your fireplace.

If you have a glass fireplace door, spray the hearth and glass cleaner and wipe down with dry clean paper towel. Dispose of the paper towel in your garbage bag.

Spray a soft cloth with the hearth cleaner and wipe down all of your fireplace tools.

Next clean your fireplace grate with hearth cleaner and paper towel and put the clean grate back into the fireplace.

Bag up all used paper towel and toss into an outside trash bin.

Roll up disposable tarp and toss into the outside trash bin as well.

Finally marvel at how quickly you were able to clean your wood burning fireplace!