the word nylon with a wooden back drop


Is anyone as tired as I am about buying nylons only to just throw them out in 2 months when they get a snag or run? If the answer is yes, then you will want to keep reading. Pantyhose aren’t cheap and they have the longevity of a mayfly. Get ready to get excited! I have found a ton of uses for pantyhose that have run (no pun intended) aground. I guarantee you will want to grab a paper and pen to write down some of these clever tips!

1. Retrieve a small lost item – This one is my absolute favorite! Lose a small toy or earring on the floor? Just put the stocking over the end of your vacuum hose and wrap a rubber band around the nylon to keep it in place. The vacuum will continue with its suction without swallowing up the lost item.

2. Keep your gift wrap in line – Before I started using pantyhose to keep the gift wrap from unraveling, I would end up having to throw out large portions because it became wrinkled or torn. Simply wind up the gift wrap and place the entire tube in one of the legs of your old nylons. No more tears, wrinkles or wasted paper.

3. Use as a stuffing alternative – Need to do a quick stuffing fix on Mr. Bear and you are all out of batting? Try bunching up an old pair of nylons as a soft substitute.

4. Help keep quilts and blankets tidy for storage – Nylons work great for keeping larger items bound together. They act as an extra-large rubber band. Those bulky items will be going nowhere!

5. Mothball container – Take one leg of nylon and fill with mothballs. You can hang them in your closet or storage cupboard to help keep moths at bay.

6. Use as a polishing cloth – Pantyhose work incredibly well at bringing out the shine on a variety of surfaces. Just cut off the foot portion of an old pair of nylons and slip the end over your hand. Nylons work especially well as a brass or shoe shiner.

7. Cotton ball substitute – need to remove some old nail polish but you’re all out of cotton balls? Grab an old pair of pantyhose and use them to remove the polish. This works just as well as cotton and it will save you a few dollars too.

8. Makes a great duster – Cover your hand in the foot section of a pair of pantyhose and see how quickly and easily you can dust your shelves, books or knick knacks.

9. Temporary screen fix – We had a tear in our screen door the other morning, so I quickly cut off a piece of nylon stocking for an easy patch. This may not look the best but it will allow you to keep using the screen until you can repair or purchase a new one.

These are just nine ideas but there are so many more ways to re-purpose those old stockings. How many ideas can you come up with?