cup of coffee sitting next to 2018 goals


We all start the New Year off with huge goals and ideas.  We’re going to FINALLY break the code right?!  Maybe we will figure out how to drop that stubborn 14 pounds or we will start learning a new language or activity.  Our intentions are always good, but we just can’t quite make our awesome ideas a reality.  How do we do it?  Try adopting these 6 helpful tips and see if you can start making this year’s resolution stick!

  1. Identify why your goal or resolution doesn’t stick – This may mean looking at some inner road blocks or a challenging schedule that makes adding new items almost impossible. What we want to do here is try and dig down to the root of the issue.  For example, this past year I finally have been able to work out consistently.  Why have I been more successful this year than all the previous years?   I realized (after doing some much needed self-reflection) that I do much better working out when I have someone else holding me accountable.  Now when I work out, I meet with a personal trainer who is expecting me to show up and give 110%.  Knowing that my commitment level is now affecting someone else’s time and schedule, encourages me to show up to every session and bring my “A-Game”.
  2. Pick additional habits to compliment your goals or resolution – As I said in number 1, I have been working out a lot more. Part of nurturing this goal includes adding additional habits that compliment and encourage me to stay on course.  An example of this is upping my nutritional game.  If I’m not fueling my body correctly then I’m likely to feel crummy and run down.  This directly affects my progress and achieving my goals. Another one that I could implement would be to make sure that I get a least 8 hours of sleep every night. This habit is great for all areas of our lives, but especially for helping me feel more energized throughout the day.  Whatever your goal may be, try finding another habit that will directly relate to your initial goal.
  3. Add your goals into your calendar – Don’t just say to yourself that you’re going to learn how to cook or start picking up a new language, actually carve out the time and put it on your calendar. If you’ve slotted out specific time for an activity or goal, you are a lot likelier to accomplish it if it’s written down.
  4. Stay ahead of yourself – What I mean by this is that you always want to look ahead and map out your plan of attack. If you have been taking cooking classes, try looking at the future cooking class schedule and get an idea of what’s coming and what you will want to sign up for.  Maybe baking is your thing; make sure you sign up for that amazing French baking course ahead of time so you aren’t left with a class option that is less desirable.
  5. Keep track of your success – I keep a large calendar on my wall and mark off all the days that I make it to the gym. This act does 2 very important things for me. It keeps me motivated and eager to go because I like visually seeing my progress and it also allows me to look at specific time periods that weren’t quite as successful.  It enables me to identify patterns both good and bad and allows me to make the appropriate modifications or changes.
  6. Create a support group – No, I don’t mean meeting with a group once a week to talk about why it is you struggle. I’m talking about including individuals in your goals and plans that you know will be supportive and act as a cheerleader or partner in crime.  Maybe your best friend also enjoys cooking.  Have them sign up with you for that yummy French baking course.  My partner knows how important working out is to me and has added nutrition and gym visits to his lifestyle.  We are much stronger in numbers.  Find your support people and get them on board with your plans.

Once you start putting some of these tips into place, you will notice that your goals and desires become habitual.  You will be accomplishing those resolutions in no time! Happy New Year!