black board with the words flu season written in white chalk as well as a flu mask


We’ve all heard how rough this particular cold and flu season is and can probably count on seeing a sick child or family member in our home at some point.  This article acts as a great refresher on helpful cleaning tips for when we have a sick person at home.   Always wash your hands often and with hot soapy water to help prevent the transfer of germs.

  1. Wipe down high contact points in your house – Areas like light switches, door knobs, appliance handles and faucets should be disinfected often to help stop the germs from being spread from one family member to another.
  2. Wash linens, towels & blankets – When we have a family member who is at home ill, try to wash linens and towels often to help prevent viruses from traveling. Make sure that blankets and bedding get cleaned immediately after the person is feeling better and able to get out of bed.
  3. Clean surface first then disinfect – Disinfectant should be used once a surface is thoroughly cleaned. Allow the disinfectant spray to sit on a surface for the specified amount of time on the products label.  This is especially helpful for areas like the kitchen and bathroom.
  4. Run all dishes in the dishwasher – Dishwashers are able to clean and sterilize at greater temps then hand-washing dishes alone. Remember to always use a dishwasher to wash the dishes of someone who is ill to help minimize germs from spreading or  re-contamination.
  5. Leave tissues & a trash container next to your sick family member – When sick children (or anyone for that matter) cough and sneeze they can use the tissue to help prevent the particles from their cold or flu from becoming airborne.  Having the trash receptacle near by will eliminate any used tissue from being left on a table or nightstand and also makes bagging up the dirty tissue easier for when you take them to your larger outdoor garbage container.