bottle of cleaning spray in a bucket sitting next to a red vase of daffodils


We are all anxiously awaiting spring to arrive.  Sometimes it feels like she’s never going to get here.  In the meantime, get a jump on the massive spring cleaning check list.  Check out these 6 tasks to make sure they get put on your “to do” list this spring.

Vacuum Fabric Under Your Furniture – Most of our couches and chairs have a fabric that lines the under part of the furniture.  It’s a perfect location for pet hair and dust bunnies to accumulate.  Gently lift (getting help from others if needed) the furniture and with the upholstery attachment on your vacuum, take up any dust or hair that may be stuck to the fabric.

Clean Exhaust Fans – You will find these in your bathrooms.  Using a chair, remove the fan plate and wash with warm soapy water.  Dust or vacuum out any dirt or debris that has lodged around the fan.  Once the plate is completely dry, put it back into place.

Clean Range Hood & Filter – Fill your sink up with hot water and a ½ Cup of baking soda.  Submerge the metal filter into the sink.  If the filter is too large to be completely covered, soak for 10 minutes on one side then repeat the steps.  Clean the stove hood with a grease fighting cleaner such as baking soda, vinegar and water.

Replace Your Furnace Filter – This task needs to be performed multiple times a year.  For this reason, I like using specific times of the year to help me remember to do it.  Always check with your HVAC maintenance person to see how often your filter needs to be replaced.

Clean Shower-heads – Take a large plastic bag filled with equal parts of water and vinegar and tie the bag securely around the shower-head.  Let the bag sit in place for 30-40 minutes then remove and rinse.  This will help remove any build up that may have deposited around the head of your shower from the water.

Check Your Smoke & Co2 Detectors – Just like your furnace, this task should be performed a few times a year.  Test the device to make sure it’s functioning properly and also remember to change out the batteries.