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Making Heroes Homes Sparkle: Cleaning For Heroes Gives Back To Those Who Served

They fought for the freedoms that we enjoy every day, they worked in our cities to fight crime and fires, and they helped keep our homes safe, now there is an organization that will help keep their homes clean. Cleaning for Heroes is a nonprofit organization that provides free house cleaning services to disabled and elderly veterans and retirees of local police and fire departments.

Founded in Rhode Island in 2010, the group recruits local maid and cleaning companies who donate their housecleaning services to help heroes from the military and public safety.

S&G Cleaning Services, LLC located in Hillsborough, NJ is a major participant in Cleaning for Heroes and owner Shirley Perlinsky and her staff is known for the charitable works they perform to give back to their community. They also are involved with a similar group that provides cleaning services for women with Cancer called Cleaning for a Reason.

Perlinsky, who runs S&G with her husband Gary, explains why her firm is so dedicated to such worthy causes: “I believe that it is our duty as citizens to do whatever we can to give back to our community and help people who have dedicated themselves to help make our country a better place to live.”

Manville resident “Bob” was recently a recipient of Cleaning for Heroes services. Having served in the Navy on the USS Pritchett (DD 561) in 1951 during the Korean War, he is a retiree, lives alone and needs a hand once in a while to help do a more thorough cleaning of his Somerset County home.

The professionals at S&G Cleaning Services, LLC have the right equipment and three generations of experience to help heroes like Bob get the job done right. Along with house cleaning, the company also provides full carpet and window cleaning services for residential and commercial clients.

Services are provided after a potential client completes a brief application and submits verifying documents. Once eligibility is determined, Cleaning for Heroes contacts the nearest member cleaning service, like S&G, to complete the application and schedule service.

For more information about Cleaning for Heroes, visit their website at www.cleaningforheroes.org.

For information about S&G Cleaning Services, LLC visit call (908) 722-9254.

Local retired veteran “Bob” shows his appreciation to two of the S&G Cleaning Services, LLC workers Ana and Teo. The women cleaned Bob’s home at no charge as part of the national Cleaning for Heroes team.
“They keep our homes SAFE, We keep their homes CLEAN” t-shirt worn by S&G Cleaning Services, LLC employee Ana to remind everyone of the mission of Cleaning for Heroes.
Logo of Cleaning for Heroes. The nonprofit organization, founded in 2010, recruits local maid and cleaning companies to donate their services to help heroes from the military and local police and fire departments.