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Local Company Donates Cleaning Services to Women Afflicted With Cancer

Manville, NJ, February, 2009 – “Anyone living with cancer is fighting a tough battle,” says Shirley Perlinsky, owner and CEO of S&G Cleaning Services LLC. in Manville (www.sgservicescorp.net), “but women often find it even more difficult than men because they are expected to care for their own families while fighting for their lives. That’s why we want to help by taking over some of the daily chores that they used to take for granted when they were healthy.”

One of those routine chores is housecleaning, a task at which Perlinsky and her staff are experts. “We are a family owned and operated business specializing in house cleaning, office cleaning and maid service,” Perlinsky explains. “We have a passion for our jobs. Our mission is not just to provide cleaning services, but to alleviate the burden of worrying about endless jobs around the house, especially those that women fighting cancer should not have to worry about.”

S&G Cleaning Services is a member of the Cleaning For A Reason Foundation (www.cleaningforareason.org), an organization dedicated to providing the gift of a clean home to women undergoing treatment for cancer. “Providing free cleaning services through the Foundation is a privilege, not a burden,” says Perlinsky. “It’s our way of giving back to the communities we serve.”

Women undergoing treatment for cancer are encouraged to apply for free cleaning by visiting the Foundation’s website. “Friends and neighbors often bring food, but they don’t usually offer to clean the house,” says Perlinsky. “All it takes is a few keystrokes, and we will provide free cleanings once a month for four months.”

Cancer patients who receive the free service find it invaluable. “There are tons of cancer-research foundations. I need help with my house!” says one recipient, who chooses to remain anonymous. “I have three small children and have been taking chemotherapy for 19 months. This is a God-send to me!”

The Cleaning For A Reason Foundation currently has 370 partners in 43 states and is actively seeking new members. Electrolux Home Care Products, Inc. donates pink Eureka vacuum cleaners and The Clorox Co. contributes $5,000 a year.

“We are so thrilled to be affiliated with this wonderful organization,” says Perlinsky. “My cleaning crew members are so proud to be able to tell people that they are participating in such a worthwhile activity. It really has boosted everyone’s morale.”


About Shirley Perlinsky

Shirley Perlinsky has been involved in the house cleaning industry all her life as her mother had a house cleaning business in Northern New Jersey. While in college, Shirley majored in marketing and publishing. After graduating, she ran a marketing research company for 10 years. When her mother expressed a desire to retire, Shirley eagerly assumed ownership of her mother’s company. With her college background, professional experience and business savvy, Shirley was able to grow her house cleaning business dramatically by adding a variety of services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor stripping, waxing and buffing, post construction cleanup and cleanouts.

S&G Cleaning Services uses only environmentally friendly “green” cleaning products and serves clients throughout Somerset, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Morris and Union Counties, providing commercial office cleaning and construction cleanup services as well as residential cleaning. The company is a proud member of the Somerset Country Business Partnership and the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI).


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