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The Process of Move-in/Move-out Cleaning

Moving to a new home is a grueling task. While you may think that you can handle all of the cleaning involved with moving, there is plenty of hard work ahead of you. Once you know about the process of move in/move out cleaning, you'll understand why you should call a cleaning service in Watchung, New Jersey to help you clean.

What Can a Cleaning Service in Watchung, New Jersey Do for You?

Many people do not realize that over the years we accumulate a great number of personal items. These items take up a significant amount of space within the home, causing clutter. Clutter makes it difficult or impossible to clean certain areas in your home, meaning dirt, dust and grime will gather over time. Once you start packing up for a move, you will begin to see just how dirty your home really is.

The advantage of having professional cleaners take care of the housekeeping is that they provide what is known as a deep-cleaning service. With a deep-cleaning service, every bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen is thoroughly cleaned. By targeting every area of the house, nothing is missed, and both your old and new home are left spotless.

The Process of Professional Housekeeping During a Move

An important step in providing adequate housekeeping to your old or new home during a move is vacuuming all carpeted areas. Carpets attract a lot of dust, especially if you have wall-to-wall carpets with furniture sitting on top of it. The homeowner needs to use a cleaning service with a high-quality vacuum that can remove most of the dirt in the area.

The kitchen is a crucial area to clean. All surface area should be thoroughly treated. Since this is where you keep and prepare your food and wash your dirty dishes, mismanagement of this area can attract mice and cockroaches. When you move into a new home, sanitizing the kitchen is a must.

Another important part of the process is making sure all of the windows, doors, doorframes, and base boards are cleaned. There is a chance that your new home will need some work. It's important that you feel like you are moving into a new homeā€”but that feeling can quickly go away when you walk into a place with dirty windows and doors.

A professional cleaning service in Watchung, New Jersey can take care of all the cleaning required when moving in or out of a home. You can contact us at S&G Cleaning Services to handle the entire move in/move out cleaning.